Here’s What We’re Looking for From a “Good Attitude”

Everyone has heard how important it is to have a good attitude in life, but this has been said so often that it’s almost a cliché. We on Team Chicago On-site like to get a little more specific. What we focus on is helping our team members lead with both gratitude and humility.

As humans, we all have our flaws and vulnerabilities. Accepting this truth leads one to be humble, which in turn helps a person be more patient and understanding. Just as importantly, it makes us more relatable as well: in short, humble leaders are easier to trust and therefore follow.

Likewise, gratitude is necessary so that people feel appreciated for their contributions. Very few – if any – professionals can bring their A-game to work with them every day without knowing that their efforts are noticed and valued. By freely admitting how grateful they are for the work that we do, Chicago On-site leaders encourage peak performance and a sense of belonging that brings out our best.

Of course, it’s easy to name other attributes that lead to success. Organization, strong communication skills, and even body language all make a difference in how far one goes in life. Building these skills on the right foundation is crucial though, and we know that this base includes gratitude and humility. For more on how to achieve one’s potential, like Chicago On-site on Facebook.