Meet Our President: John

How do we know that Chicago On-site is destined for great success? Because excellence starts at the top and we have one of the industry’s most esteemed pros right here as our President. John is excited about this newest venture, and we’re happy to have someone who has a track record of getting the job done here to lead our high-energy team.

Before becoming President of Chicago On-site, John earned his stripes in the customer acquisition industry over the course of 17 years. Like everyone in our firm, he started at the entry level and worked hard to reach this top position. His accomplishments include opening 55 offices nationwide, which means he brings an impressive amount of knowhow and connections to our firm.

“It’s been an eventful professional journey,” John said. “Throughout almost two decades, I’ve had a chance to meet so many people, from customers to industry leaders. My priority is to take care of my team and ensure the trusted internet, TV, and phone providers we represent benefit from our personalized outreach approach.”

Community matters to John, which is why Chicago On-site will actively engage in volunteer activities that support local causes. “Giving back is so important, especially when you’re the new kid in town, like we are. Getting involved with organizations is a great way for us to get to know our neighbors and build bonds here in the Windy City.”

Check out our [Newswire] to see what else John has in store for our team and this market.