We Bring a Sports Mentality to Our Office

The Chicago On-site culture is team-oriented, and we often promote a sportsmanship mentality when it comes to working here. In fact, we find many similarities between a career in our industry and the life of a professional athlete, and we incorporate many of the same habits and leadership behaviors that make sports teams great.

For instance, we promote friendly contests in the Chicago On-site office, knowing that this sharpens our competitive edges in the field. When there are prizes on the line – be it anything from simple bragging rights to an all-expenses-paid retreat – we tend to push ourselves harder. This leads us to discover hidden reserves of strength while also bolstering our skill sets, making the team as a whole more effective.

One of the reasons we’re able to keep such a healthy perspective on in-office competitions is that we prioritize maintaining a positive attitude. For example, when our colleagues achieve success in a contest, we see it as permission for us to attain the same heights of success. If they can do it, so can I mindset makes us happy for one another’s victories and keeps us thinking in terms of winning as a team.

Of course, no sports team wins without goals, and we know the value of clear objectives as well. When everyone knows exactly what end to work toward, how to do their work, and the resources they have to work with, momentum is created that carries a team to victory.

We’re a high-performing organization that wins as a group. Like Chicago On-site on Facebook to learn more about how we maintain our collaborative culture.