PRESS RELEASE: Chicago On-site Is Recruiting Top Talent to Join the Team

CHICAGO, IL – The leadership of Chicago On-site, a premium provider of customer acquisitions for trusted internet, TV, and phone providers, announced that they are hiring new team members for their Chicago-based office.

John, Chicago On-site’s President, shared that this industry is booming and those who have embarked on careers with the firm are rising to the top at record speeds. He noted this is an ideal opportunity for anyone, especially recent college grads who seek employment with a firm that’s rapidly expanding into new markets.

According to John, Chicago On-site’s hiring standards lean more toward finding candidates with the right mind-sets, who will be great cultural fits. While experience in marketing and sales is a plus, according to John, a positive attitude and eagerness to never stop learning trump all else. Each person who is considered to be part of this high-powered team needs to demonstrate that he or she is super-motivated to achieve excellence. The right candidate is someone who not only stands out of the crowd, but who owns the room with beaming confidence.

Chicago On-site’s Program Is Second to None for Many Reasons

John emphasized that the reason Chicago On-site is most interested in the type of person they hire over any particular skills comes from their overall professional development approach. It all begins on the first day, too. As John noted, there’s no delay in bringing new team members into the fold, so they quickly attain the skills they need for customer outreach from the start. Incoming people are paired with talented managers who will guide them through the processes and ensure successful knowledge transfer.

Of course, Chicago On-site’s learning environment goes beyond the onboarding process. Everyone here is on a career track that will take them as far as they want to go. In addition to the techniques needed for the firm’s direct marketing approach to be successful, each team member gains valuable business skills as well. Public speaking and presentations are both factors that build confidence. Networking is another proficiency that gives this team a solid lead in the industry. One of the big differences that sets this firm apart is a keen focus on instilling an entrepreneurial mind-set in everyone here. By thinking like an owner, these individuals are empowered to take on bigger challenges and be more innovative, yet accountable to getting results.

There are plenty of rewards for hard work, from promotions based on merit, to travel incentives ranging from regional trips to conferences and even luxurious retreats. As John noted, this is a great place to launch and build a fabulous career. He invites anyone who is interested to apply online at

About Chicago On-site:
Chicago On-site provides personalized product presentations for leading telecom companies to deliver customized TV, internet, and phone solutions to consumers. Using industry research and resources, the Chicago On-site team pairs companies with target audiences ready to purchase. Their specialty is in delivering customized entertainment packages with a tailored approach to generate brand awareness, increase customer loyalty, and drive revenue increases. Chicago On-site continuously refines its approach and educates its team members with hands-on experience and training to stay up to date on current industry trends and deliver results for companies big and small. Learn more about Chicago On-site at