The Best Tips for Novice Networkers

We’re savvy networkers around the Chicago On-Site office. We’ve learned many useful techniques as we’ve expanded our contact lists. If you’re just starting out in your networking efforts, here are a few simple strategies that will help you make positive impressions and add valuable connections of your own:

· Craft an Elevator Pitch: A concise explanation of who you are and the unique value you can offer is perhaps the best networking tool there is. When you can give a succinct personal intro that covers your skills, achievements, and career goals, you greatly increase the odds of a fruitful connection.

· Do Your Homework: Before attending any kind of business meeting, be sure to explore related social media accounts or websites. You can learn what topics will be covered and possibly who will be in attendance. From there, you can research people on LinkedIn to make customized pitches that will be even more effective.

· Ask Open-Ended Questions: We keep our potential Chicago On-Site connections talking when we set out to expand our networks. Questions that invite detailed answers are vital because they make it easier to find common ground. When you spot areas in which you can offer assistance, a connection is more likely to form.

These are a few basic techniques that have helped us build diverse professional networks. Follow Chicago On-Site on Facebook to find more of our best contacting tips.