Essential Post-Promotion Success Strategies

Earning a promotion is an exciting thing for any professional, but it’s also an uncertain time in many ways. When we reach higher levels within Chicago On-site, we apply some counterintuitive strategies to ensure that we succeed in our new roles.

One of the first things we do after being promoted is think about our new duties in a somewhat unorthodox manner. While we want to do the best we can with our challenging new responsibilities, we also need to take time to remind ourselves what we’ll no longer be doing. We only have so many hours in the day, after all, and we want to make the most of them to set up a successful future.

When we reach the management level, we know we need to learn how to delegate. Although being accountable for our own success has served us well in earning advancement, we have to trust our team members to take on important tasks. By spreading the workload around, we also advance the development of those we manage.

We’re also careful to look after ourselves as we adjust to elevated Chicago On-site roles. Getting plenty of sleep and eating well are two of the most important elements at play here, because they help us stay focused on doing our best work.

After being promoted, we use these simple strategies to position ourselves for success. Like Chicago On-site on Facebook for more of our career advancement insights.