Simple Ways to Signal That You’re Ready to Move Forward

Moving ahead in our Chicago On-site careers is a top priority for all of us, as it is for most ambitious professionals. While there are some specific skills to learn for every promotion, these are some fundamental behaviors that will benefit anyone eyeing advancement:

• Get Organized: For busy people, every second counts. That means time spent searching for a certain file or even trying to find a working pen is time wasted. A clean desk is one of the most obvious signs that someone is ready for more responsibility.

• Welcome Feedback: We’d all like to believe we’re perfect, but the truth is that everyone has room for improvement. Having the courage to ask a superior for their feedback shows both maturity and a true desire to get ahead.

• Establish a Routine: The best way to get noticed for an Chicago On-site promotion is to consistently do more than is asked of us. This is much easier to do when we’ve established healthy routines in the workplace and our personal lives, because we have more control over our time.

• Take Breaks: We think of breaks as times to sharpen our creative and competitive edges. These can be 10-minute meditations or hour-long CrossFit classes. What’s important is that we feel energized and ready to tackle whatever comes next in our day.

These easy-to-use suggestions are sure to have a positive impact on any career trajectory. For more tips, check out Chicago On-site’s News feed.