How to Incorporate a Sports Mentality to Business

What sets Chicago On-site apart from other customer acquisition agencies? If we had to pick one thing, it’s probably how we’re conditioned to think as winners. This mentality likely comes from our sportsman-like mentality in which we believe that success comes from hard work and bringing everyone together to realize victories.

Sports are important to our team members at Chicago On-site. Many of us came to the company having played on various teams. We understand what it means to bring collective strengths together to score bigger wins, as well as overcome any obstacles. There is so much we have learned through our athletic experiences that we can apply to our team collaboration:

• Everyone’s Role Is Important: Each of us brings a different talent to our work, just like sports teams have people in different positions. By valuing everyone’s strengths and contributions, we create a team that’s powerful as a whole, especially when each person knows what part he or she plays in any wins.

• Set Common Goals: In sports, athletes are working together toward a shared victory. Concrete, consistent, and clear objectives ensure everyone is on the same page with regards to their individual roles and the vision for the end results.

• Believe You Can Win: Not only do winners know they are going to succeed, but they are positive they will achieve their goals. Even if they don’t win at first, they rework their approach to excel on their second tries.

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