PRESS RELEASE: Chicago On-site Is on the Grow in Their New Territory

CHICAGO, IL – Chicago On-site’s President recently announced that within the first two months in the firm’s new territory, the team has had extraordinary success. They are already poised to expand into a new area thanks to the results achieved.

According to John, Chicago On-site’s President, the firm is dominating the industry for entertainment technology service providers in this Illinois region. Within a short period of time, they have covered significant ground for their partners, helping customers realize the benefits of the internet, television, and phone solutions their partners offer.

Currently, Chicago On-site’s team is making plans to expand into the Minneapolis region where they will launch a new campaign. With this growth, team members who have demonstrated their abilities to hit their marks are now in line for promotions to management positions. In addition, other brand experts will have room to work on their professional skills so that they’re ready to advance.

Chicago On-site’s President Announces Hiring Initiative

With so many resources needed for Chicago On-site’s expansion into a new territory, there are plenty of opportunities for ambitious professionals to join the team. As John noted, the firm’s main emphasis is on people who are poised for success.

Chicago On-site’s training model is designed to teach incoming team members everything they need to learn about the company’s direct approach to customer acquisitions. From their first days on the job, these newest brand experts will be engaged in an immersive learning experience that features all of the skills they need to excel in a business environment. They’ll follow the outreach model closely, from initial contact with partners through campaign content creation and execution.

To ensure these incoming team members successfully achieve the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in this industry, each person works with a coach who provides individualized guidance. By tailoring the educational experience to brand experts’ personal strengths and learning styles, Chicago On-site has created an environment in which people can thrive.

John stated that due to the firm’s training practices, their hiring processes are more focused on traits that have shown to be indicators of sincere career potential. During their recruitment process, the managers seek people who display a positive attitude, are growth-oriented and performance-driven, and can articulate their plans for their careers. By focusing on these qualities, John suggested the people who are selected to join the team are most likely to be good cultural fits.
This growth and hiring opportunity is one that John expects to be routine as the company grows. Follow for frequent updates.

About Chicago On-site:
Chicago On-site provides personalized product presentations for leading telecom companies to deliver customized TV, internet, and phone solutions to consumers. Using industry research and resources, the Chicago On-site team pairs companies with target audiences ready to purchase. Their specialty is in delivering customized entertainment packages with a tailored approach to generate brand awareness, increase customer loyalty, and drive revenue increases. Chicago On-site continuously refines its approach and educates its team members with hands-on experience and training to stay up to date on current industry trends and deliver results for companies big and small. Learn more about Chicago On-site at