Preparing for an Amazing Year Through Reflection

Chicago On-site has had a successful year, and we’re looking forward to even greater achievements in the coming year. Before 2019 rolls around though, we want to take some time to reflect on 2018 so that we’re sure to be prepared for even more remarkable achievements in the future.

According to John, President of Chicago On-site, one of the team’s biggest victories was adding a huge company to our portfolio, giving us the chance to expand our reach across the country. With this notch in our belts, we quickly dominated the Chicago market. In fact, only a few months after coming to the Windy City, we are already expanding into the Minneapolis area – a huge accomplishment, and one that makes us excited to see how many markets we can move into in the coming year.

Growth has become our number one goal. We will expand into 10 new markets by the end of 2019. It’s been such a tremendous year that we now believe we can accomplish any objective, no matter how large.

As we move forward though, John has some advice that he wants all of us to remember: be grateful for what we’ve already achieved. Remembering where we’ve been reminds us to push harder, and to take more calculated risks when it comes to achieving our goals. Also, as we continue to grow, organization is key!