How We Maintain Our Passion to Succeed

Our Chicago On-site training program provides all the skills and knowledge a person needs to thrive in our industry. It’s also the first step in creating genuine passion for the work we do. Ongoing improvement helps all our brand experts maintain positive mind-sets, and stay focused on exceeding their goals. Our people are excited to come to work every day and find new ways to get better.

We have a morning meeting each day to allow our team members to map out the goals they want to achieve. These might be smaller personal growth objectives, or minor milestones that will add up to a major achievement. Whatever the goal is, we want to take a few minutes to reflect on it and set the stage for a successful day.

Fine-tuning weak spots is always a focus of our Chicago On-site training efforts. Even for our most accomplished brand experts, there’s always something new to learn, or a skill that can be enhanced. It’s all about making small strides from one day to the next.

We like to recognize those who are doing especially well with our training program. This means our newest hires, and our more seasoned professionals. There are few better ways to inspire a team than to put top performers in the spotlight.

Our commitment to improvement keeps us aiming high day in and day out. Follow Chicago On-site on LinkedIn to learn more about how we stay on the right track.