Leading Like a Hall-of-Fame Coach

As we kick off the 2019 football season, we’re reminded of how great business leaders are like winning coaches in the sports world. Around the Chicago On-site office, we believe a sports mentality is essential in staying ahead of the competition. Our leaders bring this type of mind-set to every new challenge. Perhaps more importantly, they also use a sports-inspired approach when helping us sharpen our talents.

One thing effective leaders know how to do is challenge people without being critical. Our in-office coaches are adept at identifying our unique potential and inspiring us to reach it. They stay positive and encourage us to push beyond our current skill sets. It’s always easy for us to get pumped up because we know our managers believe in us.

Winning coaches also model the behaviors they expect their team members to exhibit. Around the Chicago On-site workspace, our leaders carry themselves in ways that echo our core values. They listen to our ideas and back up their words with focused actions. It’s easy for us to do our best work because we have such strong role models to follow from day to day.

Our managers prioritize our success because they know it means winning results for Chicago On-site as a whole. For more on the sports-inspired approach we carry into every ambitious new project, be sure to follow us on LinkedIn.