We Make Continual Learning a Cornerstone of Our Careers

It’s hard to believe, but in just another month or so schools across the country will be welcoming students back for the fall semester. We remember well how this might have made us feel when we were in college, but as professionals we have a solid understanding of our need to learn – in fact, we’ve embraced lifelong learning as an indispensable Chicago On-site success habit.

The best business owners are always looking for ways to expand their expertise, improve their skills, and keep up to date with the latest in their field. They also understand the importance of hobbies and passion projects as ways of keeping in touch with the broader environment. This drive to always know more than we knew the day before is what we think of as a growth mind-set, and it’s one of the reasons we stay at least one step ahead of the competition here at Chicago On-site.

Our continuing ed doesn’t rest completely on our own shoulders either. Our company leaders support our need for fresh knowledge with frequent OJT and travel to seminars and conferences. These, plus workshops and one-to-one coaching, keep us on the cutting edge of our industry.

You may feel that your days of learning are behind you, but if you want to excel, you’ll embrace the habit of continual learning. Like Chicago On-site on Facebook to see other ways we express our growth mind-sets.