PRESS RELEASE: Chicago On-site Is On the Move to New Territories

CHICAGO, IL – Leaders at Chicago On-site are pleased to announce that the company is expanding into the Minneapolis region, where they will bring their customer acquisition strength to lead campaigns for trusted internet, TV, and phone providers.

John, Chicago On-site’s President, expressed that this expansion was quicker than expected given that the firm has only been serving the Chicago region for two months. He stated that as a dominating force for entertainment technology service providers, his team has earned a solid reputation for achieving aggressive goals for their partners, which has led to this rapid growth.

As Chicago On-site’s practice is to promote talent from within, John explained that individuals from the current team would be tapped to assume leadership roles with the new branch. They will also be taking other team members with them, which allows these people to also hone their professional skills and be prepped to take on managerial roles with future territories.

With more team members advancing to new roles, John stated that this opens the door for motivated professionals to join the firm. He cited that they are looking for candidates who have positive attitudes, growth-oriented mind-sets, and who enjoy working in a collaborative environment. Extensive business and industry experience are not necessary thanks to the firm’s immersive training program.

Chicago On-site’s President Discusses the Company’s Learning Environment

As a top provider of customer acquisition services for technology partners, Chicago On-site’s training model is focused on imparting both business skills and a keen understanding of the providers they represent. As John noted, incoming team members are quickly immersed in hands-on learning, led by in-house coaches who have ample expertise in personalized outreach directed at these firms’ customer bases.

The firm’s learning environment is designed to give people real-world experience that surpasses typical training approaches. Not only do brand specialists gain the knowledge they need to create face-to-face marketing, but they are placed on a professional path that directs them toward one day leading their own branch. John stressed that each person who joins the team starts at the same entry-level role, himself included, and has the same opportunities to work hard and rise to a higher level.

Along with in-house training, there are also chances for those who excel to travel to other regions and learn from a diverse set of leaders, attend conferences, and even enjoy exotic retreats. Combined with fun team nights, he believes that anyone who is willing to put in the work will find a satisfying career here. And the more people who do join the team and thrive, the more the company will grow.

About Chicago On-site:
Chicago On-site provides personalized product presentations for leading telecom companies to deliver customized TV, internet, and phone solutions to consumers. Using industry research and resources, the Chicago On-site team pairs companies with target audiences ready to purchase. Their specialty is in delivering customized entertainment packages with a tailored approach to generate brand awareness, increase customer loyalty, and drive revenue increases. Chicago On-site continuously refines its approach and educates its team members with hands-on experience and training to stay up to date on current industry trends and deliver results for companies big and small. Learn more about Chicago On-site at