See How We’re Keeping Things Exciting

When it comes to fueling fantastic personalized outreach, we go full throttle around the Chicago On-site office. To keep that energy going, we have plenty of friendly competitions that allow our people to challenge themselves and each other to reach higher levels of success.

Mind you, we want our team members to give 100 percent all the time. We also like to add some fun incentives to keep motivation high. Our most recent Chicago On-site contests have been tied to some tantalizing prizes, including $200 in apparel money and a chance to win a 65-inch TV!

So why do in-office contests have such an appeal? We find them quite effective because:

• They Add a Layer of Accountability: We strive to reach our goals at all times. During contests, our progress is especially notable as we can see how each of us ranks.

• They Add an Extra Layer of Incentive: It’s exciting to compete for something tangible, like a TV or a trip. These are items we can visualize, which increases our motivation levels as we vie to see who goes home with this reward.

• They Add Fun: Keeping things fresh around the office maximizes the level of positive energy here. Therefore, each competition has its own targets and rewards, thus giving everyone a chance to apply his or her unique strengths.

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